Goodwill Commercial Solutions is your go-to resource partner for your custom assembly needs.


Goodwill Commercial Solutions has provided expert and customized manufacturing and assembly services to customers both big and small. From basic hand assembly to complex multiple-component projects, we bring solutions that are unique, specifically designed and cost-effective.

Here are some of the custom assembly projects we have successfully completed:

  • Multi-component retail-ready displays
  • Point of purchase packaging
  • Sorting and collating of finished product kits
  • Vendor and product returns, defective, overstock, obsolete products
  • Quality inspections and compliance
  • Disposal of expired product with package recycling
  • Light manufacturing of consumer products
  • Hand assembly of automotive and spare part kits
  • Printing, collating and final assembly of instruction manuals and health record binders
  • Inspection, classification and refurbishing of mobility devices
  • Drilling and cutting of rubber components for the automotive industry
  • Process design support and reverse engineering
  • Single point of contact and one stop of solution
  • And much more‚Ķfeel free to inquire